Principal Investigator

profpicDr. Kodandaramaiah obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the Vishveshwaraiah Technological University in India, a Masters degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology, all in Mechanical Engineering. Between 2013-15, he was a Post-Doctoral Associate in the Media Lab and McGovern Institute for Brain Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research is at the intersection of robotics, precision engineering and neuroscience. During his graduate studies and post-doctoral training, Dr. Kodandaramaiah has developed robotic tools for observing and analyzing neuronal circuit computations in intact living brains. In 2010, the work was awarded the R. V. Jones Memorial Award by the American Society for Precision Engineering. In 2012, Dr. Kodandaramaiah was recognized by Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30 list of rising researchers in science and healthcare.


Graduate Students

Leila GhLeila Ghanbari: Leila received her Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tehran and went onto obtain her Master’s degree also in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Mexico. Working in the Center for Emerging Energy Technologies at UNM, she developed computational heat transfer models to make buildings more energy efficient. In the lab, Leila is working on computational modeling as well as exploring the integration of optical imaging and electrical recording techniques for single cell interfacing and manipulation.

Matthew Rynes: Matt received his Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota. In his undergraduate research, he worked on applying machine learning algorithms to predict movements from offline monkey dorsal-lateral prefrontal cortex local field potentials.Matt R (2) After graduation, he helped develop a lyoprotectant matrix for non-cryogenic storage of human serum at the University of Minnesota mechanical engineering department. Following his work on this project, he continued his studies in the biomedical engineering department. Matt is working on applying highly developed machining tools to perform automated surgical procedures on small animals for neuroscientists.

Jay Hu: Jay is a PhD Student in the Mechanicaljay_picture Engineering department. He has previously contributed to research projects at the Medical Devices Center (MDC) and the Laser-Assisted-Bioprinting laboratory. Jay is working on precision fabrication and characterization of polymer neural interfaces.


Andrew Alegria:  Purdue_PicAndrew attended the University at Buffalo and received a bachelors of science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. During his time at Buffalo, he researched on how links and end-effectors within robotic manipulators moved under joint-mounted motors. As a part of the CCEFP Summer Research Program at Purdue University. he worked on analyzed how to more accurately estimate the leakage flow due to the gap height in external gear pumps. Andrew received a UMN Graduate School Fellowship to attend the ME program starting Summer 2018. He is working on applying principles of robotics to high-throughput genetics research. Outside of the lab, he likes to play basketball, run, read books, and play chess.

Daniel Surinach:Daniel received his B.S.daniel-headshot.jpgin Engineering Science and Mechanics with a concentration in Biomechanics and Mechanobiology from Virginia Tech. In previous research, he characterized the material properties of various tissue types following different injury and treatment modalities. Additionally, a design project led to the development of the first fully functioning synthetic tree capable of passive water pumping with nanoscale surface tension for novel forms of sustainable energy and water purification. He received the University of Minnesota Graduate School Fellowship to fund his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is exploring novel on genetic and computation imaging strategies for wide-field neural sensing.

Undergraduate and High school students

Daniel Sousa Schulman (BS ME)

Judith Dominguez (BS ME)

Suleyman Jafar (Washington Technology Magnet High School and a PSEO student at Saint Paul College)

Joseph Wang


Alana Tillery (NSF REU summer student), Current: BS Biomedical Engineering, UM College Park, MD

Nahom Mossazghi (BS Neuroscience, 2018): Current: Research Associate, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD

Lenora Haltom (BS Mechanical Engineering), Current: BS ME at UMN

Micheal Laroque (BS Mechanical Engineering), Current: University of Minnesota Medical School.

Nick Dabiran (BS Mechanical Engineering), Current: BS ME at UMN

Gabriella Shull (MS Biomedical Engineering), Current: Graduate Student, Duke

Gregory Johnson (PhD Mechanical Engineering), Current: Graduate Student, UMN

Prospective Students/Postdocs

The lab welcomes inquiries from candidates at all levels and technical background. We are currently looking for:

Post Doctoral candidates

Email Dr. Kodandaramaiah with a CV, list of references, with a statement of your previous work and future career goals.

Graduate Students

Students already in the Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering program at UMN can email Dr. Kodandaramaiah ( to setup a time to discuss potential projects of mutual interest. External candidates interested in working in the lab are encouraged to apply to the ME program.


Undergraduates keen on getting research experience are also welcome to contact Dr. Kodandaramaiah. In your email, use subject line “Interested in UROP project in your lab”. Include a list of courses taken, with grades obtained.


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