FORBES magazine :
I was included in the Forbes 30 under 30 list of 2012 in the Science and Healthcare section for my graduate work.
Robots hunt neurons to record brain activity
(Aug 28, 2012)

CNN/Fortune Magazine:
4 Zany futuristic ideas that could come true
(Jan 10, 2012)

Robot That Connects to Neurons Could Provide Key to Understanding the Human Brain
(May 09, 2012)

Scientific American:
A robot helps listen in on brain cell chatter
(Aug 23, 2012)

Robot brain scientists to learn how you think ?
(May 07, 2012)

Bots beat humans probing brain’s neural activity
(May 07, 2012)

R&D Magazine:
Robots that reveal the inner workings of brain cells
May 07, 2012)

The Engineer:
Researchers automate process of recording data from neurons
(May 08, 2012)
Robots reveal inner workings of brain cells
(May 10, 2012)


How to create a mind. The secret of human thought revealed.
Ray Kurzweil
Mentioned in chapter “The Biologically Inspired Digital Neocortex”